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Bio-IDiom NEC biometric authentication
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Bio-IDiom NEC biometric authentication
You are the key.
Bio-IDiom NEC biometric authentication
You are the key.
It cannot be stolen, lost nor forgotten. You hold the safest key. YOU. Bio-IDiom, NEC biometric authentication, enables instant authentication using face, fingerprint, voice and more to identify you. From public safety, citizen services to retail, theme parks, and more, it has unlimited possible applications in our daily lives. It is being used in more than 700 systems in over 70 countries and regions around the world. A secure digital society for everyone. This can only be achieved with highly accurate authentication technology. No one can replace you, You hold the key to proving your identity. Everyone is a key. Learn more

6 biometric
authentication technologies

Photo of face authentication Photo of face authentication KEY

Face recognition

Face recognition technology is being used more commonly in our daily lives today. However most face recognition technologies are based on still image matching where faces are captured clearly. With 30 years of research and development in the field, NEC Bio-IDiom’s face recognition has overcome the challenges of face recognition to enable highly accurate matching with low resolution images as well as video feeds where subjects are not facing the camera. This is achieved through three key technologies; “face detection”, “feature extraction” and “matching”. The technology has been highly evaluated by United States government agencies and is used for various applications including crime prevention, access control and financial transactions. Learn more
Photo of fingerprint/palmprint recognition Photo of fingerprint/palmprint recognition KEY


No two fingerprints – and palmprints – are exactly alike and they remain unchanged for life. Thus, these features are advantageous for strict authentication. With research starting in 1971, NEC’s fingerprint & palmprint recognition has the longest history among the Bio-IDiom technologies, and has been evaluated by United States government agencies. It is also the most widely used biometric technology in the world today, being leveraged in fields such as criminal investigations, immigration control and national ID systems. Learn more
Photo of Voice recognition Photo of Voice recognition KEY

Voice recognition

The characteristics of each person’s voice are turned into data. That data can then be matched with the database to identify the individual. It is not affected by the language or content spoken, or changes in voice due to certain conditions such as cold or flu. No special equipment is required; all you need is a microphone embedded in a smartphone, tablet device or telephone. Its applications range from call centers, communication robots, to smart speakers that is rapidly gaining popularity.
Photo of iris recognition Photo of iris recognition KEY

Iris recognition

The iris is the donut-like ring that surrounds the pupil. Like the aperture of a camera, it adjusts the size of the pupil to control the amount of light entering the retina. The iris pattern, composed of muscle patterns, is unique for every person and is believed to remain unchanged from the age of two or three. NEC Bio-IDiom’s iris recognition captures only the iris pattern by removing excess information such as the pupil, eyelid and eyelashes, to achieve high accuracy. The technology uses infrared cameras and can also be used in dark locations. It is ideal for scenes where people wear protective clothing and other heavy gear that covers the entire body, and where contactless identity verification is needed.
Photo of finger vein recognition Photo of finger vein recognition KEY

Finger vein

The technology identifies a person by analyzing his or her unique finger vein patterns. It analyzes vein patterns in your finger which is difficult to forge. Finger vein recognition is already used in high security scenarios such as government offices and private companies. Hybrid finger recognition combines this technology with NEC Bio-IDiom’s precision fingerprint identification, providing even greater accuracy for personal authentication for PC logins and other secure accesses.
Photo of ear acoustics authentication Photo of ear acoustics authentication KEY

Ear acoustics

NEC’s unique technology identifies individuals by measuring the resonation of sound transmitted from an earphone or similar devices. The whole process including sound transmission, receiving, and identification takes only about one second. It is ideal for situations where “constant identification” of people is required, without interfering with the subjects’ actions. For example, ear acoustics authentication technology can be used to prevent identity fraud for safety and security operations by equipping security personnel with communications earphones embedded with the technology to detect when they have been replaced by an imposter such as a terrorist. Learn more (press release)
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