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The Purchasing Division of NEC is coming into operation aiming at collection of the information about the best and latest materials in the world. To support this activity, we judged it essential that we want to have suppliers understood the outline of our materials purchase division and to actively provide us with the information.

At present, in our company, the materials cost is one of major contributors of the turnover. Further, under the environment where the product life cycle is shortened due to technical innovations and keen competition between companies and reduced price is advancing rapidly, we would ask you to understand that our relationship and cooperation with the suppliers are greatly important to develop the products that are better than those of other companies.

We are looking forward to receiving active proposals from all of you who browse this web page after you have understood the above details. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, we appreciate you could send information via E-mail or webpage form (choose "Contact Us") , instead of phone / fax.

We also hope your proposals take the first step in the development between your and our companies.

NEC Group Procurement Policy

Flow to initial transaction

Compliance Hotline
(Consultation of Compliance Issues - Procurement Ethics)

Supply-Chain CSR

Green Purchasing of Parts and Materials

Health and Safety Program

  • Declaration on Environment, Health and Safety
    Declaration on Environment, Health and Safety
- English
- Chinese
- Spanish
- Portuguese
  • Health and Safety Manual for Contractors
- English
- Chinese (TC)(SC)
- Spanish
- Portuguese

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